VMTA Spring Conference

June 5, 2004

Nancy Breth presented the thought and experience behind her newly republished "Guide for Effective Practicing."
President Kim Peachy and President-Elect Wanda Hall make plans for the coming year.
Tonya Menard, Lynn Kleissler, Betsy Cole Wells, Kim Peachy, Donna Olson at the VMTA luncheon in Kansas City.
Lisa Moxley and Catherine Valley represented Blue Ridge MTA.
Carla Day, Rosita Mang, Joanne Haroutounian at the VMTA luncheon.
NVMTA officers with the plaque presented for "Local Association of the Year": Past President Debra Gunnerson, Treasurer Julie Slingerland, President Donna Olson, and Corresponding Secretary Martha Smith.
Diane Perett brought husband Greg to the Gala MTNA Foundation Dinner on March 29.

VMTA Fall Conference

October 28-31, 2004

Vernon McCart and Wanda Hall by the clavichord.
Jeanette Winsor and Fay Barss.
The Charlottesville group.
Scott Beard and admirers.
Carol and Walter Noona.
Beverly Carow, Melissa Marrion, Nancy Longmyer, Jacqueline Yeomans.
Catherine Valley and Gret Kidd.
Trying the clavichord.
Rondo performers -- Marlene Ford, hn; Dan Knipple, perc; Leslie Stewart and Susan Whitelock, vln; Randy Fisher, vla; Jim Herbison, Vc; Carroll Bailey, Cb.
John Winsor, commissioned composer.
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Melissa Marrion and Martha Smith