2010 MTNA Conference

Donna Halleck, Susan Atkins, Suzanne
Guy, Helen Heifetz, Wanda Hall.

Suzanne Guy receives the 2010 MTNA
Foundation Fellow Award from Gary Ingle.

2009 MTNA Conference

Corky Sablinsky,
2009 MTNA Foundation Fellow

Laura Riski (right) and her
daughter, who lives in Atlanta

Corky and Martha kick up
their heels at the Gala

Marjorie Lee, teacher of
Kimberly Hou

Kimberly Hou and parents

Kim Peachy and her
sister, Samantha Luck

Teri Falk, Ken Lee, Roma Scriven

Melanie Hein and Mary
Ann Jozwiak-Kovch

Pat Davis and former Charlottesville teacher

Joanne Haroutounian and Martha
Smith at MusicLink Foundation

Corky receiving award at Gala

Mary Ann Jozwiak-Kovch, Melanie Hein,
Julie Slingerland, Laura

Virginia teachers, past and present

Bill and Sharon Banks, Teri
Falk at Foundation Gala

Greg and Diane Perrett,
Julie Slingerland at Gala

Joanne Haroutounian and
Jeanne Lowe at Olga Kern's Recital

Charlottesville teachers
at the Foundation Gala

Lynn Kessler and Debbie Gunnerson