2012 VMTA Conference: Meetings and Vendors

Nov. 9 - Conference registration table

Nov. 9 – Paulo Steinberg – President-elect

Nov. 9 – Presidents Luncheon Meeting

Nov. 9 – Post Concert Reception

Nov. 10 – VMTA Business Meeting

Nov. 9 – Vendors

2012 VMTA Conference: Performances

Nov. 9 - Opening Recital – Debussy “Trio for Flute” performance by Susan Carmichael, flute; Anna Knight, harp; Renata Ribeiro, viola

Nov. 9 - Opening Recital – Serocki “Entrada and Intermezzo” performance by Casey Klint, trombone; Matthew Kingbury, trombone; Bryan Woodward, trombone; Wayne Wells, trombone.

Nov. 9 - Opening Recital – Shostakovich “Quartet No. 3, Op. 73, III. Allegro non troppo” performance by Leyla Feyzulayeva, violin; Kiara Rubin, violin; Justine Preston, viola; Michael Puryear, cello

Nov. 9 – Shenandoah Singers performance

Nov. 9 – Conference Artist Recital – Alexandre Dossin – Select works of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev

Nov. 9 – Conference Artist Recital – Alexandre Dossin – Select works of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev

2012 VMTA Conference: Workshops and Masterclass

Nov. 9 – Workshop – Johnandrew Sliminski “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed…”

Nov. 9 – Workshop – Forrest Kinney “Chord Play”

Nov. 9 – Workshop - Kenneth Lee “Inspiring Practice”

Nov. 10 – Workshop – Sarah Reaser O’Brien “The Best-Known Little Music School In Town”

Nov. 10 – Workshop – Lynne Mackey “Inspiring the Performer and Audience”

Nov. 10 – Workshop – Maria Botelho Hubler “Introducing a Child to the Taubman Approach with Traditional and Suziki Repertoire”

Nov. 9 – Masterclass on Improvisations – Forrest Kinney

2012 VMTA Conference: Banquet

2012 VMTA Conference: Other


RMTA - October, 2012 after-recital reception at the home of Sonia Vlahcevik: The all-contemporary recital was given by Dr. V, as we affectionately call her. The teachers in the picture include, from left to right, Ruta Smedina-Starke, Sharon Stewart, Faye Barss, Sonia Vlahcevik, Vivien Chen, Zhu-Ping Ling, Gabriella Ryan, Marina Andueza.


The 9 State Presidents from the Southern Division and the Division Board


VA Alternate in Junior Violin, Mabelle - age 11


Mabelle alone


Mabelle with her sister on piano



2012 MTNA Conference

Gabriella Ryan with Anne James from Richmond MTA,
our MTNA Foundation Fellow


Richmond MTA members: Seated - Lois Broadwater, President; Gabriella Ryan; Anne James, MTNA Fellow. Standing - Sharon Stewart and Ellis Dunton


Members of Northern Virginia and DC MTA's (left to right, facing) Marjorie Lee, Foundation Fellow; Martha Smith; Julie Slingerland; Nancy Breth, Foundation Fellow, and husband; and (back of heads, right to left) Joanne Haroutounian, Foundation Fellow, and daughter
(all at the 2012 Conference Gala)


2012 MTNA Foundation Fellows from Virginia: (standing, left to right) Anne James; Nancy Breth; and (seated, left to right) Joanne Haroutounian and Marjorie Lee


Nancy Breth receiving MTNA Foundation Fellow award from MTNA Executive Director and CEO, Gary Ingle


Joanne Haroutounian receiving
an MTNA Foundation Fellow award


Anne James receiving
an MTNA Foundation Fellow award